Are you just making NOISE?

Are you just making NOISE?

You name it and we can build it.

You name it and we can build it.

Keep Calm and bufferr on.

Keep Calm and bufferr on.

Grow your engagement by 100%

Grow your engagement by 100%

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We have done it! we have hit our target of £1000! Well done to everyone and thank you to everyone for your support and donations. We currently stand on £1159.27 so now is the time to really smash that target. Donating was really easy via and you can decide how much you want to donate. Tuesday [...]

The day is Tuesday and day 2 of JCI Sheffield £1 a day challenge whereby we are living on just that in an effort to raise money for Save the Children. We have all donated the difference in what we would normally have spent on our shopping and hopefully lots of other lovely people will [...]

Not our normal kind of post, but a change is as good as a rest. Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. We would like to wish everyone health, wealth and happiness for 2013. The day is Monday and that can only mean one thing… Team bufferr are entering an epic journey of [...]

Twitter has added photo-sharing features to its mobile service, allowing users to edit images and enhance them with artistic filters. The features are similar to those of photo app Instagram, which stopped users from displaying its pictures on Twitter over the weekend. Users can now only post a link to Instagram’s site. One expert said [...]

We have seen lots of people over the past few days or week concerned about the way Facebook have made changes to how their page will display content to their fans, this is something we have been cautious of for a long time, if fact from our very beginning. This is a key indicator that [...]

We are often busy helping businesses with their Social Media channels, be that Twitter, Facebook or any of the other amazing platforms out there that allows us to reach out to our audience. So thought we would share with you sone really helpful tips on getting going with Twitter. Head over to our facebook page [...]

In the history books when they come to write down the name of the President of the United States of America 2012, little will be said as to how they got there. Key battlegrounds and events may be mentioned but a main feature of this year’s election campaigns will probably not be written about. In [...]

Cauldrons? Check. Pumpkins? Check. Candy, ghosts and goblins? Check, check, check. Oct. 31 isn’t only about tricks and treats — it’s about stimulating the economy. With 170 million Americans participating in Halloween festivities, there’s a lot of cash being spent on ghoulish items. Personal finance forum WiseBread looked into Halloween spending, and found that from [...]


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