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Considering our last Pinterest article received a lot of attention, why not carry on the trend?

Pinterest is the hottest social network around at the moment and is attracting a lot of attention from everyone worth impressing. For most of you, Pinterest is a fun, non-work related activity, however we see Pinterest differently; it can be for business and pleasure.

Here are our 8 tips for using Pinterest for your Business.

Decide if Pinterest and your Brand are a Match
Before you start spending hours of your valuable time on Pinterest, you need to decide if it is a good network for your business to be on. You need to ask yourself;

Is my business visual? If yes, Pinterest is a good choice.
Do I have enough time to constantly update a Pinterest account?
Are my consumers on Pinterest?
If you feel that Pinterest is a good choice for you then you will need to apply for an account or, if you have a friend/colleague on Pinterest they can invite you to join.

2. Spend Time Connecting

As said above, Pinterest is a time consuming network and requires your constant attention. You will NEED to spend time on the network so that your products are being pinned by other users. The best advice we can give you is to build relationships with those who are known for quality pins.

3. Be Consumer Specific With Your Boards

Creating boards for the sake of creating them will not help build brand awareness. You need to have boards based around your products, for example Mashable has created a consumer friendly Pinterest account because their followers can see what’s on each board, just by looking at the title.

4. Tell a Story but Keep It Simple

When using Pinterest, your boards need to be telling a story. Every one of your boards should have a theme and be titled correctly. If you look at our Gloople Pinterest account, you will see that our boards are labelled according to their content. Make sure that you keep your boards simple so that you do not confuse your followers.

5. Follow The Big Hitters

One of the best ways to raise awareness about your company is to start following the big names on Pinterest. This has already been proven to work on Twitter: When you follow popular figures, and they follow you back, other Twitter users get the message and follow the leader. It is also important to find out who is “pinning” your products and to follow them to see if they follow you back. You may also want to find out what your competitors and their consumers are pinning as this may help you with your strategy.

6. Make Sure Your Images Are ‘Pinteresting’

If you are finding it difficult picking up followers, it’s probably because your images are not pin worthy. This basically means that you need more engaging images on your boards to build interest around your account. It’s worth noting that Pinterest is of vertical composition, which means that vertical images are more space worthy.

7. Always Include URL’s

When writing your description for your pin, you must include a URL linking back to that specific product on a website where it can be purchased. Idlewild London have done this very well as every single photo of theirs includes a URL.

8. Use Other Social Networks To Engage

The new kid on the block may be getting all the hype, but existing social networks still have one huge advantage – a large number of users. You should have your twitter and Facebook accounts linked to your Pinterest account and vice versa.

Is your Business ‘Pinteresting’?

8 Tips On How To Use Pinterest For Your Business | Ecommerce for Small Business | Ecommerce UK.

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