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Social media optimization has been something purposely ignored by most search engine optimization experts. The reasons could range from reasons that previously sounded reasonable such as Twitter links being nofollow to silly reasons that could only be described as “bad mojo”. Social media has therefore been held in the regard as just another way to bring short bursts of immediate traffic to your website. Any effect on Google ranking was negligible at best.

Social media activity does provide a boost to rankings. It does so in such a way that it’s more than just “negligible”. A recent test on 6 different websites found that some sites gained as much as a 14.63 jump in Google search engine ranking position from just one type of social media activity.

In the infographic below, Tasty Placement, a SEO company from the United States explained based on an experiment they made how social media can boost the ranking of a website. They have created 6 websites, in similar-sized cities, all in the same niche, and observed how they evolved over time using only social media.

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  • Pete Williams Jul 27, 2012 Reply

    Search and social really do go together incredibly well, what an inspiring article. I will be bookmarking your page for future updates

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