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Outsource your Social Media

Many companies feel that outsourcing such vital elements of their business, as their PR, is paramount to commercial suicide. Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration. But the sentiment stands. Companies feel that if they allow people they hardly know to handle such a key aspect of their business as their image they’re taking an enormous risk. Admittedly a fair degree of this concern is down to trusting the company you are sourcing your PR to. But it is a worry which we as Social Media Managers need to respect and ultimately put to rest when we explain the benefits that we as a business and a profession can bring to your company.

We at can handle your social media for a fraction of the cost that would be expected if you were to hire a social media manager into your organisation. Not only do you not have to consider the recruiting costs of hiring an internal member of, you also needn’t worry about the salary of said staff member, or the red tape which surrounds the potential removal of this employee. Overall we are 97% cheaper than hiring someone to deal with your social media marketing. This in monitory terms means a possibly colossal annual saving of £33,000.

‘Well I’ll just get a current member of staff to handle my social media?’ You may ask. Indeed you could. However with us supplying a dedicated and experienced account manager, who will address your social media in the way we have learnt best benefits businesses. You will have an advantage over your competitors in a market which has only emerged in the past decade. As such this is a relatively new platform and widely misunderstood, which is why we strongly suggest you outsource your social media to people that have been taking advantage of this mode of advertisement since it’s emergence ten years ago: us. Furthermore do you pay your staff to handle social media (not necessarily successfully) or pay them to perform the jobs you initially employed them for and know they can do. Delegating responsibility for social media management is not only wasting your employee’s time, it is lessening your businesses productivity and money.

We at bufferr, with a little bit of trust and a relatively miniscule level of investment, can help you and your business burst onto a platform of advertisement which is only just beginning to show it’s full potential and colours. Make a smart move today and ensure that you become AWESOME with your social media.

  • Samuel Maynard Jul 16, 2012 Reply

    Outstanding blog team and the video is a piece of pure class, maybe you should look to add video creation to your services as this is brilliant. Great read, great service and a must need service for business

    • BrendanWS Jul 31, 2012 Reply

      I really appreciate the kind words!! Thank you Samuel :) If you go to the apps section of our site here: And look at the video pro app we can make you can see how we can make similar videos for other businesses!

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