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Well we are pleased to say that has finally landed, our first workshop is in place for the 26th of this month and has already SOLD out. We are constantly striving to bring you the knowledge you need to use Social Media better and show you how you can get more business.

With the Social Media industry constantly changing you have to ensure you are up to speed with the latest happenings, which new sites are growing and which old ones are stale.. The newest kid on the block is Pinterest, you should most certainly take a look and for any business involved in retail this is a MUST!!! easily share the links from your pictures back to your website and increase not only your website traffic but the opportunity to increase sales. Couple this together with a quality product video and your 85% more likely to sell said product.

So, we will get busy adding new dates to the calendar over the next week and look forward to speaking with everyone really soon.. If you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment to this blog post or alternatively join the community of Twitter @bufferr1

See you all soon.

  • Jasper McCoy Mar 17, 2012 Reply

    Really looking forward to this – so see you soon!!

  • admin Mar 20, 2012 Reply

    Hi Jasper, looking forward to meeting up with you.. Enjoy the sunny weather :)

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