Planning is clearly important in all aspects of life, we plan when starting a new business so like anything we plan Social Media not only deserves its own business plan but it demands one. At bufferr we deal with some of the top UK companies and have helped create leading strategy plans ready to deploy.

Knowing you should embrace Social Media as part of your marketing strategy is a giant step forward but without focus is simply a game of pinning the tail on the donkey, with a detailed strategic report you have a clear and concise action plan as to what you need to be doing each day, week and month.

Reach out to us and lets explore what you need to be doing with your Social Media efforts to see a positive return on your investment, after all why spend time doing something if you don’t know if it’s working…

Complete Social Media Monitoring

Ensure everything that needs a response, gets one!
Everything you need delivered directly to your inbox, each day, week or month. (more frequent delivery is available on request).

Discover and explore your ideal clients with geo location search, keywords and profile data.

Keep up to speed with your competition, your industry and how well your business is performing in the Social arena.

No more searching across Facebook and twitter for those important messages, track everything from keywords to your top brand influencers.

Features include

How well are you engaging with your fans?

Full demographics, including age, sex and location.

How many impressions your messages are getting, the unique users that are engaging with you, how many new fans and followers you are attracting and how much traffic your Social Networking is referring to your website.